Parkour Classes for All Ages!

Run, jump, and fly through obstacles in the Bay Area’s premier parkour facility!

Parkour Camps

Run through, jump over, and fly through awesome obstacles and courses. Our fun, fast paced, and energetic camp will leave campers wanting more. Click here to reserve your spot in winter, fall, or summer camps!

It’s For Everyone

Whether it’s Tricking, Freerunning, or Parkour we have what your looking for. We have programs for every age group.  Including group practices, private coaching, and monthly skill workshops.

Flexible & Friendly

We have a number of different membership options that are designed to be both flexible and family freindly. We offer individual session rates as well as short term and long term monthly memberships.

12,000 Sq Ft of Pure Awesome

Our spacious parkour gym offers plenty of obstacles, bars, climbing holds, and space for all sorts of training. Looking to try your hand at learning how to flip? With experienced coaching, trampolines, and plenty of soft landing mats we can help you do that too!

Whether you’re into parkour, freerunning, tricking, breaking, capoeira, or climbing – our parkour gym is for you. With numerous parkour classes, Flipping classes, and even a public open gym session – we’re sure to have something you’ll love.


Parkour for All Skill Levels

It goes without saying, but we love parkour, and teaching it is our passion. Our certified coaches will not only make sure your learning, being challenged, and progressing, they’ll make sure your having fun while doing it.  In the beginning you’ll experience the basics of parkour  (proper landings, rolls, quadrupedal movements, vaults, etc) and with steady progression you’ll move into more advanced techniques, including acrobatics.  We take pride in providing you a unique parkour experience that is challenging, fun, and safe.  

If you want extra attention, we offer private lessons to help you master anything from parkour fundamentals to advance skills and flips.

Reach Your Fitness Goals Through Movement & Play

What separates tricking, freerunning, and parkour from other sports is that these movement communities embrace your individual creativity and unique perspective. While many of the movements we teach do have fundamental techniques, it’s how you interpret and combine them that makes them stand out. Allowing you the outlet to creatively express yourself through movement.

You now have the opportunity to break the monotony of traditional gyms. Get away from the static exercises, distance limits and bench presses and make your way towards a fun, practical, and functional fitness option you can actually use.

Join a Positive and Inviting Community

We pride ourselves on being an encouraging, supportive, and inclusive community that openly welcomes and invites anyone to try parkour, freerunning, or tricking.

Host your next parkour birthday party or private event for a great introduction to parkour for you and your friends.


Flexibility is what we strive for.

1 Class Per Week

Same Day Open Gym Included

6 Months – $140/month ($35/Class)
12 Months – $120/month ($30/Class)

2 Classes Per Week

Same Day Open Gym Included

6 Months – $240/month ($30/Class)
12 Months – $195/month ($24/Class)

 Unlimited Classes

All Open Gym Included

6 Months – $295/month
12 Months – $220/Month

 Class Bundle

Same Day Open Gym Included

1 Drop-In Class – $55 per class
10 Classes – $450/$45 per class

People Love Us

My 6 year old son has been going here for a little over a month, and we are very happy with BAM. They work well with all ages. So happy that we found them, he looks forward to his classes. Encouraging instructors. Highly recommended!

Christine C.

I came to this place to do some Parkour moves and I totally had a blast, even though I had no idea what the heck I was doing! The instructors were so encouraging and had their families in attendance. Definitely a fun way to workout. The business is up and coming but I totally wish this place all of the success!

Kassie P.

This is the most awesome place to learn parkour and freerunning! The Instructors are awesome, they make the class fun and a very positive environment! I've been training with them for about 3 months and they certainly feel like family 🙂

Justin G.